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Flaten med flera sjöars fiskevårdsområdesförening


Fishing license is required in order to fish in the area. Under fishingrules you can learn about the fishingrules in the area.


Per day 70 sek

Per week 150 sek

Per month 225 sek

Per year 400 sek, valid one year from the day it is bought

Fishing with tip up fishing device 5 sek/piece, max 10 pieces per person. Is sold until 31 of March. OBS! A valid fishinglicence

is also required.

Boat rental in Flaten 500 sek/week, 100 sek/24 hours, 50 sek/12 hours

Fishing license vendor:  Buy fishinglicense online, click on the iFiske logo:   Buy from our vendors: Frendo Målilla Amerikavägen 2A 577 74 Målilla Tel: 0495-20006 Bageriet Björkaholm Petra Weigl Flaten 14 577 77 Järnforsen Mob: 070-2629517 Mob: 070-2528275

Boat rental:    

Boat rental online, click on the iFiske logo: